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Growth Mindset vs. Goal Mindset

A goal-mindset sees the goal as the achievement, while the growth-mindset sees what they are becoming as a result of achieving the goal as the ultimate achievement. 

All through the history of life, and humankind, you can see its directing intelligence rising to meet every need of life.  You follow it down through the ages and you will realize that the whole purpose of existence is growth. 

Growth vs. GoalSony Thomas
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“Everything worthwhile is Uphill, Sadly, many people have uphill hopes and downhill habits"

- John Maxwell

"A great coach tells you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear"


"You have taken my life and career to the next level. I have able to work on myself and build my capabilities, you have always supported and brought out the best in me. As a coach you have been patient, with great skills of listening, asked the right questions that has lead to introspection, reflection and action. Through this journey I have been able to connect to my deeper self and excel both personally and professionally. Thank you Sony!"

—  Savitha R, Assistant Manager - L&D


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