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Program Options

The CYP Coaching program offers two options that differ in duration of course & number of coaching sessions, but following benefits components are common to both option- 1&2; 


# The Coachee will have the duration of the selected option to complete the course and avail the One-on-One sessions

#Access to premium online coaching platform, where the coaching can organise & document their learning, complete worksheets, track & assign metrics and design step-by-step action plans

#Realtime guidance from coach during the course of the program and in-between Sessions  

Option -1

45 Days 
Coaching Session
Rs. 23,481/-


Option - 2

75 Days
Coaching Session
Rs. 42,250/-

Take.... Action !!!

If you have decided to take action, just click on 'Start Course' and we will help you through the intake process. 

Start Course

If you know you need this to move forward in life, but wish to get some more clarity, please schedule a FREE Enquiry Session and your coach will help you identify the best coaching program for you

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