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Experience (E): 

There is a big difference between experiencing a failure and being a failure. This captures the essences of my thought. Synthesizing your experience in a safe and non-judgmental space, so that you can deconstruct the pain, the failure , the heartbreak, the shame, and not become a failure, or live in pain or in anger, or in shame. Having a professionally skilled person to listen and help you navigate these difficult times, so you can actually use your failures as a stepping-stone to success. As a wise person once said, ‘failure is not a stepping-stone to success; rather reflected failure is the stepping-stone to success.’


Secondly as a coach, I will help you synthesis these experiences by deconstructing it and then reconstructing it into your internal schema. So that you could expand your mental structure of preconceived ideas, your framework representing aspects of the world, and your system of organizing and perceiving new information. Thus, you would be better equipped to tackle similar situations on your journey to success.  


Momentum (M):

Having a fresh worldview is only part of the solution; the tangibility of an idea is in the action taken. Self-awareness is definitely key, but creating a momentum that would launch you in your new direction requires strategy, consistency, perseverance and discipline. Awareness breeds clarity of goals, therefore, as a Coach, I help the coachee define the goal, align the purpose behind the goal and design sustainable strategies to achieve the desired results. Furthermore, I ensure the coachee stays on track and is motivated to achieve the Big Momentum that will catapult the coachee to their success and their best version of themselves. 



Influence (I):

Lastly, shaping your world, definitely, synthesizing your experience and creating a momentum will get the ball rolling, but it is your influence on the world around you that will multiply your celebration of life. Yes! By optimising yourself and going through the motions, you would definitely be celebrating life, but that celebration would soon be hitting against a glass ceiling. That glass ceiling is the expansion of your inner world because of the newly found understanding of your possibilities, potential and purpose.  For you to keep it to yourself is impossible, you will have to share it with the outer world, and that is where you influence to shape the world around you. To be a person of influence, it starts with you, your why, your passion and your story. A wise person once said, “Truth, Well Said”, meaning truth is not sufficient anymore, it matters more how well the truth is said. As a coach, I would help you develop the required personality to multiple your influence and master the art of sharing your truth well.

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