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Coaching is a guided process that results in intentional, directed and purposeful CHANGE. It is about developing emotional intelligence and conscious awareness. Its about leveraging today for tomorrow. Its about happiness, significance and celebrating life, it is a leadership metrics, and it addresses the whole person, not just ‘the role’ or the issues. 


Professional coaching is confidential, and result driven one-to-one relationship between the individual and the coach with the objective of gaining clarity and working together towards achieving the short- and long-term personal, professional and social goals.


# If you feel, you are drifting through the motions of life, but desire for a deeper significant and purpose driven life

# If you feel, you are not being heard or valued by others, even though you have great ideas and abilities.

# If you feel underutilized, even though you are committed and focused 


# If you feel you are struggling to hold your role/position, even after giving your best. 


# If you feel, you can be more but don't know how

# If you are feeling disconnected with the people around you, but you really desire to forge meaningful relationships


Celebrating Life Coaching Model: (E+M)^I

The objective of Celebrating Life Coaching is to help individuals Leverage their Experience of
life, Strategize their Momentum in life and Maximize their Impact on the world.

CLCP adopts the John Maxwell’s TGOROW coaching session structure and other programs’ specific to the growth needs, that follow a scientific process, periodic interaction and accountability, are the backbone of the coaching process. 


Coaching session are confidential and safe, non-judgmental and trusting partnership, were the coachee is enabled to explore their blind spots, vulnerabilities and frustrations.

The coach helps in connecting the coachee’s strengthens and values in order to improve their influence, quality of life and success.


The result of coaching is in the transformative process. It is typically 60 to 90 minutes face-to face or virtual session conducted periodically with follow-up interactions between sessions. 


The coaching process is supported with action plans, assignments, exercises and study materials along with personalized online coaching platform that can design, record and monitor your progress.

Coaching Flow.png

Celebrating Life Coaching Plans



Discover Your Way Forward.

Coaching is a new way of achieving your personal success & significance.

It is simple and one of the most powerful tools for personal change in thinking, action and beliefs.

You will have access to the complete Coaching Process like worksheets, metrics, courses, coaching application and definitely time with your coach.

I encourage you to Take it for a spin!

And to honor your time, if at the end of 30 days, you feel coaching is not your cup of tea, you get your money back!!!



Design Your Success.

If you are the kind of person that prefer structure and system, then this unique coaching partnership is for you.

The course on personal growth mated with the 1:1 coaching will bring out what needs to change in your patterns/systems/habits in life now!

And how you can create empowering beliefs, thoughts, habits, and actions that would set you on a path to greatness.



Unleash Your Power.

You know you can get more from your life, but you do not know where to begin, this partnership is for you.

We will focus on the immediate goals to help you optimize your current situation, at the same time we will look at how to design a more meaningful and content life.



Explore Your Legacy.

If you believe Change is not a sprint, but a marathon, then this Individual one-on-one coaching is ideal for you to achieve your long term life goals.

Here the emphasis is dual, one to get you focused on an immediate goal, at the same time work towards a fuller and happier life by achieving both success (for Yourself) and significance (for Others)

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