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Celebrating Life Coaching Partnership 

I take pride in saying that celebrating life coaching partnership is "professional in design, but personal in experience" . Coaching is one of the biggest investments you can make in your life so it is important that you know you are getting value for money.



Explore Your Legacy.

If you believe Change is not a sprint, but a marathon, then this Individual one-on-one coaching is ideal for you to achieve your long term life goals.

Here the emphasis is dual, one to get you focused on an immediate goal, at the same time work towards a fuller and happier life by achieving both success (for Yourself) and significance (for Others)


The coachee will have TWELVE Sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each for the period of partnership


The coachee has the flexibility to schedule the sessions as per the need during the TEN MONTHS period of coaching partnership.

Value Adds

# Access to premium online coaching platform

# Realtime Guidance through Chat in-between Sessions

# Customized Worksheets & Exercises

# Option for adding Additional Session to partnership @ Rs. 8,000/-

# Option for adding Additional Month to partnership @ Rs. 4,250/-

Your Investment

Rs. 1,44,000/-

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