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Becoming A Butterfly - Goal, Growth & Leadership

As a Trainer & Coach, I would emphasis on Goal setting and Goal achieve, use SMART and other Techniques to drive across the learning. However, I learned that, achieving a goal in itself is not complete, rather how the person as grown while achieving the goal is very important, because then only the achieved goal becomes sustainable.

Taking the analogy of the caterpillar, the caterpillar not only come out of the cocoon, rather it becomes a butterfly, as nature intended it to be. Likewise nature's intention from us is to become the best version of yourself as we achieve each of our goals.

Achieving the goal by becoming the person worthy to wield that goal is the sustainability factor that allows a person to celebrate life.

At work, we might feel, everythings are just activities and task, so we get into the goal achieving mode. Thus many a times we come out as a worm and not a butterfly, thus we end up not celebrating our life, cause the desired satisfaction or the required tools/resources is not there to sustain the goal achieved.

One example is, some people are so focused on becoming the positional leader in an organisation, that they would chase it for years, and finally they would get it. But within a short while, they are unhappy with it, complaining about their teams and how management didn’t give enough resources for the role, etc. however the real reason is they didn't grow their leadership skills over the years. Like many others, I have found myself in similar situations and upon realising my mistake, I have been a harden student of personal growth and leadership, which ultimately is paying divided as I achieve each of my goals.

Action Steps:

  1. What have you grown at (become a butterfly and not just a worm) as a person by achieving a recent Goal?

  2. If there is anyone in your team, stuck at a place because they achieved but didnt grow, share with them the importance of growth and help them identify and take action in one area they need to grow to better handle the new goal they achieved.

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