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Future of human species

I recently was doing some research on human social interactions, and I stumbled upon some material that share about the raising group of young people who are choosing to be single. There was a time when being single after the age of 30 was looked down upon by the society, now I guess it's the other way around.

We might wonder, what's the big deal, it is my choice, it's a way of life, and who is it actually going to effect but me. However anthropologist observed that, once birth rate hit irreversible low mark, there is a high probability that the race of people would become extinct. Secondly, with low birth rate and high life expectancy, there is a demographic mismatch that put undue pressure on welfare schemes run by the government and undue pressure on access to resources.

In the study, one of reoccurring reason for staying away from meaningful relationships, be it romantically or platonically, is that it cost money, time and emotions. And young people say, it's too much of a hassle, it easier to enjoy the virtual experiences or enjoy the other self gratifying options that are less messy.

It might sound science fiction, but Japan is facing this crisis and other nations are not too far off. It is true that life will find a way to survive, but at what cost ? How would the human beings go through this transition is a mystery that baffle social anthropologist and governments. Should we course correct or let it play out , is the question.

It's not about right and wrong , but what intrigued me was that fact that, the right to life means , the right to live a full and satisfying life. And having meaningful relationship is part of the human DNA, and to refrain from it because it is too expensive and time consuming is a breach of my fundamental right as a human being. It's a human right violation.

A question I ponder on is, How did we arrive at this point in the first place ?

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