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Should you wait till imprisonment ?

" You need not wait till imprisonment to work on your character"

Personal growth is generally an automatic thought in many people, when it should actually be an intentional thought. The truth that personal growth attributes directly to a person's holistic success is resounded emphatically in all self help content. But, unfortunately, still, people are a tempted to take short cuts to get immediate and partial success.

Leo Tolstoy in his short story 'God knows the Truth, but waits' , writes of a man named Ivan , who is unruly, loud mouthed, drunk, arrogant and picking up fights with anyone who dare to get in his way. He goes about life, not caring about the hurt he bring on his family and friends.

It so happens, in a twist of fate, one early morning when he was traveling in his horse cart to work, he is arrested by the police and falsely convicted of murder he didn't commit, and sentenced to prison. He couldn't comprehend what had happened to him and he was angry and hated the world.

As days went by in prison, he starts a journey of self discovery and finds himself transforming into a well mannered, grounded, considerate, and sober man. To the extend the prison mates called him the wise one and a saint. He becomes the prison's unofficial reconciliation and negotiation go to guy.

Two decades pass by, one morning a new inmate is incarcerated and soon Ivan realizes that the new prisoner is the person who actually committed the murder for which he was wrongly convicted. He is angered and desires to take revenge, but he realizes that 'what is done is done' and forgives the new prisoner.

The capacity for transformation was always within Ivan, but he wasn't intentional about it, until he is imprisoned. This is the infinite human potential for greatness. And the only way to tap that potential is to be intentional about your personal growth. Character growth in one of areas of personal growth that require intentional attention.

You don't have to wait to be imprisoned to develop your character. You can do it today if you are intentional about it.

Paraphrasing my mentor, the internationally recognized leadership expert , John Maxwell, align your goals with your growth plans for growing your character to be a good human, in your skill to advance in your career or vocation, in your self awareness to discover your purpose, in your knowledge to understand how things work, in your relationship to find meaningful fellowship and lastly in your spirituality to enrich your soul.

To know more about how to grow in your character and the other areas of personal growth, please visit

Thank you once again for your time and continue celebrating your life. 

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