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I conduct various growth events, of which virtual mastermind is a favorite among people, because it helps the growth thirsty but time poor to participate. It allows people  to remain in their comfort place without the need to travel or make additional domestic or work arrangements to participate. All they need to do is, put on their thinking caps, have an active internet connection, a headphone, a paper and pen, voilà you are set to grow in the company of a mastermind group, who just like you, want to grow in life to their full potential 




In this virtual mastermind, we will together unlock the secret for being successful, content and significant in our life by learning the important laws of personal growth. It is time to BREAK FREE of the loop and embrace your potential. 

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Leadership is influence, and leveraging your influence to move your team to desired result is a leadership ability that immortalize leadership. This virtual mastermind is designed to help participants discover the leadership principle and practices required to influence the leaders that follow you and the leaders you follow!


The various workshop decodes the different components of celebrating life. The tools, techniques, theories and systems needed to practice this way of life is shared in these workshop. It is designed to help participants leverage their true happiness through personal growth, meaningful relationships and higher leadership influence in their community, personal life and work life. The Workshops are hosted periodically at various locations. These workshops are also customized and delivered on demand at client location. 


Student Enrichment

Life transition are a constant in life. Campus to Corporate is the critical milestone in a students life. This program is designed to help student leverage there transition from campus more effectively and efficiently. 

You can read more about the methodology, benefit and result of the workshop by click the button below.


Faculty Enrichment

This workshop focused on improving the leadership capacity and relationship building abilities of teachers. 


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Couple's Enrichment

Te objective of the workshop is improving communication and intimacy between couples. 


You can read more about the methodology, benefit and result of the workshop by click the button below.


It's about the journey

My flagship THREE day intensive workshop to teach you the science and art of celebrating life by bringing together the Experience, Momentum & Influence.

To know about the date, time and venue, please connect with me


Coaching is a marathon, and it is important you choose the best partnership that will enable you to find what you are looking for. 

Upcoming Events

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