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When we think about the word, POTENTIAL, one of the synonymous words or image that comes to our mind is, POWER, POSSIBILITIES, TALENT, PERFORMANCE, FUTURE, etc. It brings a feeling of HOPE, something to look forward to. It promises success and greatness, all the while subtly implying FULFILLMENT!

When you know deep down, you have potential for greatness, but you feel you can do better, you can do more, or you can be more, then it implies, you need a scientific and systematic way to tap into your potential.


That is exactly what this program is designed to achieve. 


is at the center of your intentionality

Intentionally working on your ability to influence people, leverage opportunities and creating a niche for yourself is the epic center of designing a future in your image worthy of your potential and dreams!!


Think about it, I am sure there are days, you feel there is MORE money you can make, MORE love you can give and get, MORE influence you can have with people around you, MORE impact you can make in your society, MORE revenue you can generate. There is always a MORE you can achieve. And that MORE is your POTENTIAL waiting to be UNLEASHED. Would it not be great to have someone help you maneuver the intricacies of life and help you Unleash Your Potential. 


Look into your own life, how many times have you surprised yourself by overcoming something you thought you couldn't, because someone helped you through it. Maybe, it must have been studying for an exam or cracking an interview or makings a tough sales or getting the team to rally behind you, etc. Each time you  reflect on your accomplishment, there is a part of you that will say, "I WISH I had known that person earlier or known this fact earlier or acquired that skill earlier". 


Many a times, people get pushed to a cross road, fortunately they find a way out of it  and sometimes integrate that learning and growth themselves more, this is called accidental personal growth or the graduates from 'school of hard knocks'.

The difference between,  I WISH  and I WILL is that the former growth happens by chance, and in the latter, growth happens intentionally following a growth plan. 


However, intentional growth is different, there is continuity, direction and consistency  driven by a purpose. These are people who are ready when they are called to action, because they have a growth plan. However they not only prepare themselves in their craft and skills, but also intentionally grow their mind, body, soul, character, relationships and leadership. Why else would,

  • Ratan Tata be able to fly the F16 

  • Mary Kom be able to write a letter to the education minister of India requesting that the compassion towards animals should be incorporated into official school curriculum 

  • Dr. Verghese Kurien to be able to envision and execute, operation flood, the world's largest agricultural dairy development programme that transformed India from a milk-deficient nation into the world's largest milk producer

  • Azim Premji  to be able to be the first Indian to sign up for the 'The Giving Pledge' 

  • Phan Thị Kim Phúc, 'the Napalm girl',  to be able to live a life of forgiveness in midst of pain,  and to use her pain to benefit other child victims of war like herself, by establishing a foundation for the same.  

We are familiar with magicians escaping from the chains using a magical key. If there is a magical key for unlocking your potential, if you had it, will you use it to unlock the potential locked inside of you?  What if I could help you bring it out? What if I could share with you the magical key to you future.


Personal growth is as unique as you are and only you can define what it means to you. These are some of outcomes you will experience by the end of the mastermind

You will change from accidental to intentional growth by creating a Growth Plan according to your meaning of growth 

You will discover your purpose by growing in your self awareness

You will advance your career by learning how to grow your talent and skills

You will overcome the Growth TRAPS that is holding you back from your  potential

You will become a better human being by growing in your character

You will celebrate your life more by  pushing your self from your comfort zone into your courage zone

You will place a higher value and worth on yourself, so others will do the same 

You will be a better 'people person' by learning how to grow in your relationships

You will create an environment that is conducive for your personal growth plan to thrive and succeed

Program Structure

I believe in giving you MORE value than what you have invested, in terms of your TIME & MONEY. I have designed this intensive small group coaching program with THREE objectives,

1. To help you internalize the learning, make a plan of action and take action with the support and encouragement of a personal life coach, where I am your personal accountability partner.    

2. Create a positive and collaborative learning environment, where you can borrow on others experience, and where you can share your vision and aspiration with in the safe co-learning group with only 6 to 9 participants who will encourage you and hold you accountable for your success. 

3. Easy accessibility and learn at your pace: Personal growth needs consistent intention and action, the slightest inconvenience can cause derailment, hence this virtual group  coaching program address your thirst for growth & success without the challenges of travel and making additional domestic or work arrangements. All you need to do is, put on your thinking caps, have an active internet connection, a headphone, a paper and pen, and voilà you are set to grow in the presence of a mastermind group, who just like you, want to grow in life to their full potential 


The group coaching program PROMISES a future you desire!

Bonus#1: Course Work

As a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, Sony Thomas is given the rights to use the propitiatory content authored by Dr. John C Maxwell, world's number one Leadership and Personal Growth expert.  The UYF mastermind is designed to help you learn, live and lead others to personal growth. It is structured with teaching, discussions & sharing, workbooks, exercise & activities, home work, reading materials and personal coaching.

Some exciting learning points are

# 15 Growth Mindset

# 8 Growth Gaps

# 5 Key Growth Areas

# 6 Rungs of Character Ladder

# 5 Steps for Failing Forward

This  valued at 9500 per person per course 

Bonus#2:  Mastermind

  1. SIX Virtual Mastermind Session of 90 minutes each spread across Seven weeks with reading and worksheet exercise between the sessions, and group and personal discussion/clarification in-between session.

    • Week - 1: Growth Practice - 1, & 2

    • Week - 2: Growth Practice - 3, 4, & 5 

    • Week - 3: Growth Practice - 6, 7 & 8

    • Week - 4: Growth Practice -  9, 10  & 11

    • Week - 5: Growth Practice - 12, 13 & 14

    • Week - 6: Growth Practice - 15


This  valued at 9500 per person per course

Bonus#3:  One to One Coaching

  1. THREE 60 minutes of one to one coaching per participant to help create a growth plan that is strategically placed to maximize your learning.

    • First coaching - after the first mastermind session,

    • Second coaching -  between week three and five, and

    • Third Coaching - the week after the last mastermind session

This  valued at 9500 per person per course

Bonus#4:  Premium Coaching Application 

Premium Learning Application that will keep you focused, organize your worksheets and notes, and be your virtual accountability partner.

This  valued at 9500 per person per course




If you are convinced personal growth is the key to your success, and you want to apply the 15 growth practices, and you are confident about converting the learning into action by yourself, then this partnership will best suit you. However, If you desire an accountability partner for learning and living these growth practices, then I would recommend UYF PLUS 

You Get 

# SIX Weeks

# FIFTEEN Growth Practices

# SIX Virtual Mastermind Session

# 90 Minutes per Mastermind session


# Email/Chat Individual Clarification

# Periodic Motivational & Knowledge Content

Your Investment

Rs. 10,000




Its got everything you need and more to achieve your dreams. You will learn the 15 growth practices in group session, supplemented with strategically structured one to one coaching to help you apply your learning. I will be your accountability partner during this journey of learning, living and leading others to personal growth. 

You Get 

# SEVEN Weeks

# FIFTEEN Growth Practices

# SIX Virtual Mastermind Session

# 90 Minutes per Mastermind session


# Email/Chat Individual Clarification

# Periodic Motivational & Knowledge Content



THREE One to One Coaching

# 60 Minutes / Coaching Session 

#  Premium Learning Management Application


Your Investment

Rs. 46,000

It is your right to be absolutely certain this is the growth program suited for you, even if there is an ounce of doubt or lack of clarity about the program, I encourage you to ask me about it. I am confident, I can help you make an informed decision.

If you wish to get more clarity in a group setting, you can register for the ONE HOUR webinar that will briefly elaborate on the EIGHT assumption that traps you in accidental growth cycles and limits your potential for success. 

Do connect with me to get the FREE webinar Coupon Code

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